Game will not work with Road Safety mod

I downloaded and installed the Road Safety mod and now the game will not load.
How do I delete the game and redownload fron scratch?

Hi, the mods get downloaded to the MyDocuments/democracy2/mods folder, so you can delete that if you need to reinstall.

Can you please be more specific about the problem? So I can try to fix the mod for it.
:arrow_right: Does it fail as you turn on the game? Or only when loading a mission?
:arrow_right: What error message are you recieving?

Also, it might be worth you checking the file locations given in the readme file to make sure everything is in the correct place.

Finally, can you run the game so that it fails and then place a copy of your debug.txt file from the \Democracy2\debugdata\ folder here, as that might help work out the problem.

I deleted the “mod” and the game is working again.
Thank You