Game won't launch

I have GSB on steam and decided to play it again 2 days ago. I clicked play from my steam library and nothing happened, game wouldn’t launch in any way. I reinstalled the game and direct X, still nothing. I verified my game cache and it said that one file couldn’t be verified and queued an update which then paused. I went into my downloads and forced the update, which seemed to download but when done put itself back on the “requires update” list. I forced it again several times and tried to play the game, still nothing.

I haven’t seen any proposed solution either on steam or these forums so I’m rather stumped as to what to do.

It appears that some files were auto-deleted by some anti-virus programs (Avast! and AVG is known to do that) since they were detected with false positives.

It’ll download a certain file which gets instant-deleted and therefore put itself back on the requires update list.

Disable it and try again.

Hope this helps.