game wont run - display mode error

double click game icon: the following message:

D3DEngine Error
Please check for support at
Details: [SetDisplayMode]

clicking ok shuts the game down

–my Adapter Info:

Intel®82810E Graphics Controller (Microsoft Corporation)

disabling security in explorer didn’t help -still same error, shutdown

ok, now that I can’t get my money back, and the game still doesn’t work on my old Compaq, which is why I bought it, is there anyone out there who can help me?

Hey, be patient, he’s probably just off for the weekend or something…

Hi, you may get the game to run ok by doing this:
open up the file ‘config.muf’ in the games ‘data’ directory using windows notepad.
change the line that says ‘ColorDepth=32’ to ‘ColorDepth=16’

Intel video cards are ver very cheap onboard motherboard chips rather than true video cards. I wish the damned things were banned because they are rubbish at laying anything but the simplest puzzle game. They lie about how much memory they have, have very flaky drivers and can’t display graphics at all unless they are all square. Its horribly irritating.

Did you not try the demo?

Changing config.muf file color 32 to 16 depth FIXED the problem. Thank you. If only other game designers participated in helping as efficiently as you do… Btw, nice choice of background music.

Thanks cliffski, my friends also have the same problem, and I have found the solution here!
BTW:Can I put a download link of the game on my game site?

to the games DEMO? yes, obviously not to a full copy!