Game Won't Start

I just downloaded the game, and whenever I go to start it an error message about “setdisplaymode” pops up and the game exits. Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks

Hi, you probably need to update your video card drivers:

I downloaded the demo and am having the same problem. I’ve updated my drivers and they seem fine… a little bit lost with it.

Hi, what video card do you have? and what size monitor? it might be that you are running the game on a widescreen laptop with a low screen height, and the game doesn’t approve on trying to have a resolution of under 768 height. It could be a limitation of your video card.

I’m having the same issue with oval office. I purchased a brand new retail copy (clean install) from best buy, all my video drivers for my ati radeon x1650 are up to date as is my directx, I’m using windows xp service pack 3. I have already tried changing all my compatibility options in every conceivable way and I have also tried changing the config.muf a few times as suggested elsewhere in this forum. the best i can do is when i turn on safemode it loads to the first screen but won’t go any further no matter what i click on. could you please help me with this issue as best buy will not let me return opened software.

Hmmmm does democracy 2 only work on videos cards like Nivida? The games seems to run best with one, as it is the most common.

nvidia and ati are the best, because they actually make vague efforts to write drivers that are compliant with the standards in directx. Everyone else seems to just knock something up that passes some benchmark tests and then ship it, regardless of the fact that half the features in directx they claim to support they don’t, and as a result lots of people have cards that have issues.
Its a pity microsoft don’t have the power o stick a logo on video cards saying “this one really works with directx”. Then at least people would know what to avoid :frowning: