Gameplay Questions (invitations)

This may be a really stupid question, but I can’t find an answer anywhere.

How are you able to invite more people to an outing? Extra people are grayed out on almost all interactions. I get tired of dinner, wine and cheese dinner, or poker game when I want to invite more than one person. Is there some skill I need to work on?

Help me, or show me a site where general questions like these are answered.

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You should be able to just drag them to the event window. Make sure you have enough money to have the event. A good one to try is snowball fight in the park since it’s free.

Yeah, just because they’re gray doesn’t mean you can’t invite them to the event. Just the one in color is the one you last clicked on.

Agreed as above. The only grayed-out people you cannot invite are friends-of-friends, the people connected to your friends. Not until and unless they decide they like you enough to be your friend. :laughing: Otherwise, the only time you’ll be on outings with them are if a mutual friend extends an invitation to you along with them.

In my version (from Big Fish), even though I have 10 spaces for friends, I can invite only eight at a time. All my friends of friends have accepted invitations from me before. Also, if they don’t want to go, they just tell you. When I try to move a friend to a spot, it just doesn’t stick. No message or anything. Anyone else notice this, or is it just me?

Same here, for some reason it will only accept 8 even though they are willing

Yes, thats a bug in the portal versions I’m afraid :frowning: it caps it at 8.

Also, I’ve seen that sometimes your friends of friends appear under separate friends, which can cause the “bounce” with no message. In case that helps at all.

I’m not sure what you mean there, is it that some friends can have the same friends as each other? this is deliberate, and shows the effect of you introducing people and creating new friendships among your friends.
Confusing isn’t it :smiley:

Yes, that your friend’s friends may be friends to more than one of your friends. :slight_smile: Or something like that. I was aware it was deliberate, but sometimes it gets a bit confusing when you’re trying to invite many people to an outing (especially as the thumbnail friends pics are small enough to occassionally confuse them).

I’ve tried to add the same person multiple times, because they were under more than one friend. That doesn’t give an error message, simply doesn’t re-add them. It was a possible explanation for the “When I try to move a friend to a spot, it just doesn’t stick. No message or anything.” comment by acp above.