Gameplay Suggestion(s)

I think you should be able to control a ship (except fighters) in-game with a two little buttons beside or on top the ship’s status (only when you select a ship), which, on of, makes it move to a desired point on the battlefield when you click on the button then to that point, and the other button should basically do the same thing except it’s a attack button instead of a move button (you click on the ship you desire to make it explode into a fiery “space” inferno). Plus if you have a cloaking module there should be a button to activate it. I would really like that :wink:

Hello, ColinCoti, and welcome aboard. The lack of the functionality you described – direct, at-will control over ship movement & attack – is the entire point of this game. That’s the #1 thing that makes GSB unique. The strategy lies in the design and deployment phases of the game. After that, you watch the fireworks and you make sure your escape pod is standing-by if you messed up. :smiley:

As for the camouflage field, yes we know that it’s logic is broken and is therefore pretty useless except as a huge damage-sink (owing to its high amount of HP).

I know, but one of my cruisers was attacking a cruiser that could not fight back when there was a smaller cruiser attacking mine so it exploded :frowning:

Or at least can one of the developers make a mod for this?

or someone else (but i would like the quality of the developer-made more though)