[Gameplay Suggestions and Bugs] Fighters and Cruisers

First of all, I want to say that the game is fantastic. Better in Beta than alot of other final versions of games I’ve played. A few suggestions though.
I haven’t encountered very many of these at all. The ones I did find are:

Twice, when i went into the battles tab from the main menu, none of the links to any of the battles, the change race screen or back to the main menu worked (not actually frozen because when I moused over the links, they lit up)
One CTD at the after battle screen.
The Imperial race weren’t accepting formation or escort orders when i tried to use them in the battle mode. None of the ships would accept the other ships in the fleet as targets for escort/formation orders. I don’t know about other orders because I didn’t try any others.

Lots of suggestions here:

I think that the game would really benefit from being able to prioritise orders, for example, ordering fighters to attack enemy fighters then, once they were all gone, escort the main ship. It would just give the player tighter control over their fleet.
One thing was that cruisers would ignore the targeting restrictions I gave them to not shoot at fighters. I remember lots of times when I had a fleet of missile carrying cruisers (fast missile if it makes a difference) would sit and try to hit the fighters that were buzzing around them while frigates and cruisers sat within range shooting at them and recieving no damage. It would be nice if the cruisers had a proper “Ignore” order so they would not consider the fighters targets until all other possible targets were either dead or well out of range.
Another thing is that it would also be nice for the fighters to have and order to the effect of “Destroy the Shield Generators”, making them attack a target on the ship which would lower the sheilds much faster then attacking them from outside the shield’s radius. This would give fighters/bombers a more supportive role than they currently have.

Final thoughts: Great game and keep up the good work!