Gameplay video with suggestions

Feature suggestions:

  • A minimal tutorial - Place items in order and connect them up. It’s not clear what’s needed.
  • Currencies - Curious why pounds wasn’t an option given that it’s developed by a Brit?
  • An actual showroom! or a way to visualise all the unsold cars in a warehouse.
  • Electric vehicles!
  • Brand loyalty - Marketing campaigns too!
  • Contracts with parts manufacturers
  • Faulty parts and recalls!
  • Objectives!
  • Loans and negative balance

I concur with all of these suggestions!

especially with

it’s 2017, after all and the cars in the game already look very similar to one which is. :wink:

My own car is electric, and before that I drove a hybrid so…yeah…don’t expect me to neglect the plug-in side of stuff :smiley: