Games console and colors

Hi Cliff,

thanks for making this great game! I’ve read a review on, played the demo, bought the full game and I definitely didn’t regret this. I made the experience that I spend more time with games from small software companies or single programmers than on “big ones”. Innovative concepts, interesting gameplay and many other reasons.

I also really like the idea of downloading new stuff directly from the game interface and being able to modify things myself. This keeps the game interesting for quite a long time, I think.

So much for the laurels. I’d like to comment on one thing that bothers me. I have a problem with certain colours that occur in this marble-sorting game of the games console. Yellow and green are almost indistinguishable for me. I know that this is a problem that concerns quite a few people with red-green-problems out there so I was wondering if you could make this a little bit easier for us :slight_smile:

Thanks for doing this great job.

I think new games would be good, maybe memory/word games if coding AI is too difficult. I hate games like that gem one, and it is very hard. I shouldn’t have bothered buying that games console :wink:

bah its easy! :smiley:

i must agree its a bit hard, after 5 or 6 tries i stop wasting evings on it, the problem is when it resets the board it breaks concentration

The game itself is not that hard. I played similar ones. If only I could make out the correct color… :slight_smile:

I like the resetting of the board, makes it more interesting :smiley: I just wanted something that would separate it from all the games like that. This version si smaller too. Maybe I’ll find time to do a new minigame, inbetween supporting all my other games, and developing the next one.

Yeah, I HATE that minigame…
It sucks…

If you gave more time, and lessened the changing cycle, then it’d be fine…ish

I know it sounds silly, but I think new mini-games would really add to the game. I like games with mini-games, they’re a lot of fun sometimes (like Fable, FF7, and the Poker game in Gun was good).

Having games within a game is definitely marketable. You know what would be cool? Actually playing Su Doku in the game. Or maybe not… it’d take forever. :slight_smile:

I wont claim to be brilliant at it but the sub-game with the console isn’t that hard once you watch it carefully. All you’re doing is making a line horizontal or vertical of three in a row to move them off the board. Kind of a hybrid between connect four and noughts/crosses.

The thing you should notice though is that when the colours switch around to confuse the issue they only change colours and the positions of all the peices remains the same. Hence, if you’re about to make a move of one peice to make a line when the colours all change then you will still make the line by doing the same move but it will just be a different colour set.

The only time you’ll get stuck is when you actually run out of available moves to do when colours switching will not help you at all. As soon as I noticed the colours trick and that it didn’t affect the current board at all I was racking up 16-18 points every go where it’s possible to make moves.

Won’t happen every time but play it again and you’ll see what I mean.

yes, once you spot that its much easier. its strange how off putting it is though at first :smiley:

New poster, new owner, just bought the game last night. Just finished my first game ten minutes ago. =)

Anyway, as for minigames, how about offering a poker minigame in the Poker Game activity, or a Roulette minigame in the Visit Casino activity? Or (since I just found out there were minigames at all, and haven’t bought a console yet… this may be there) a video poker minigame on the console?