Gay marriage

Who supports same-sex marriage and/or same-sex couple adoption? I support both and am profoundly happy that gays can marry here!

I supports Gay Marriage because they are also human being and they also have equal rights to live their life as they want
Every human Being wants his sex partner some wants opposite sex and Gay wants same SEX
Their should not be any problem to anyone by this

I know right? I’m just happy I live in Canada and could marry my girlfriend if we wanted to. It seriously saddens me how homophobia and transphobia is still rampant in our society. truly depressing. Seriously. Don’t support gay marraige? Than don’t get one and shut the fuck up

Im completely straight but I think it’s a fundamental human right for same sex marriage.

I used to be highly against this. However after a long time of discussing it on another forum (much flaming ensued), I have become neutral to it. It’s odd, but I can think of it as cooperative masturbation. I don’t have a problem with masturbation, so why should I have one with gay sex?

As far as the actual marriage part goes, I don’t care.