GDP - growth and mechanism

I recently bought D4 and really like it as a politics/governing simulation.

What I noticed though is, that GDP growths and changes extremely fast. Within one term its easily possible to have a 50% increase. This is of course absolutely unrealistic for any developed country.

And since GDP influences a lot of factors very strongly, the results for some policies that tend to influence gdp are very extreme abd screw up the simulation (huge GDP changes destroy environment very fast within 4 years or so).

First point of feedback is therefore relatively simple: slow/reduce GDP growth.

But to get to the main point: I wondered why there is no number for my GDP and no real growth rate (that makes sense). The same for wages, earnings, etc. etc. Turns out everything, even GDP is modelled in 0-1 (and -1?) values.

In my opinion it would really improve the feel and the depth of the game if real numbers could be simulated. It would also increase the feeling of accomplishment if my policies increase the gdp, the wages in some relatable way.

I could imagine that there are two ways.

First is to really have numbers integrated in the simulation, e.g. a GDP of 500 billion with an increase of a few % depending on policies, which results in a new vaue for gdp, which again translates to certain effects based on gdp/capita gdp/country size (e.g. for environmental effects).
This would also remove the from my point of view annoying effect of reaching “max gdp” “max wages”, “max poor earnings” etc… All the things that don’t make much sense to measure in a “0-1” value.

Would this even be possible? I imagine, that if yes, it would make the game very attractive and somewhat easier to model very different scenarios and settings.

The second possibility would be to have an overlay for the 0-1 values. e.g. base value for gdp is set at 500 billion, an increase in the simulation by 100% from 0.5 to 1 would translate to a visual output of having a gdp of 1 trillion. Would of course still limit the possibilities within the 0-1 values, but it would be possible to show some meaningful values based on the simulation results, which could even be compared to real life numbers.

By the way, something I didn’t really figure out yet. The money values for everything, debt, income, policy cost. What is it based on? The starting GDP?

Thanks for an answer :).