GDP influences

I’m kind of new to this game, so it might be that i don’t get it right.

In my GDP overview I see that the following factors negatively influence the GDP:
Tech. Backwater
Air Quality

And amongst other these are the positive influences:
Tourism boom

I can understand that tec. backwater negatively influences the GDP, but why do Capitalists? Shouldn’t capitalist positively influence the GDP?

And what about unemployemt, it is a bad thing and should negatively influence the GDP?


some files must be corrupted here. i just tested a fresh install, and neither of these influences are in place. Are you running any mods?
I recommend testing a fresh install of the game.

Yes I’m running some mods. I will try a fresh install.


I see the same thing effect with a fresh mac install (version Full 1.11).

Maybe the mac and windows versions aren’t fully synced as expected, it’s hard to tell unless Redmarble games publish a version relationship list.

[attachment=1]Picture 1.png[/attachment][attachment=0]Picture 2.jpg[/attachment]

While I’m thinking about it, can anyone explain to me why productivity has a negative influence on GDP?

I think that when your GDP is low (below mid point), the productivity will decrease (bring a negative impact) but when ur GDP is high, the productivity will increase.
Also, when ur unemployment is high, it will bring negative effect to GDP but when unemployment is low it will bring pos effect to GDP. In the pic above is shows that unemployment brings positive effect which means in that situation during that moment, the unemployment is low (shown in separate unemplymnt graph)