GDP issues/questions

  1. GDP and CO2 and environment: how can GDP increase C2O and reduce environment directly? how does making money increase CO2 directly? i can understand that GDP increases flight and car usage and so on, and then indirectly increases CO2, and that reduce environment, that’s logical, and it already does that. it shouldn’t do it directly.

  2. GDP and unemployment: again, high GDP directly generates high unemployment. it should rather do the opposite. as long as immigration is low, a high GDP should give MORE jobs, because people would have more money to spend in services, and entrepreneurs would take greater chances on starting new businesses.

  • you can easly make a country with sky high GDP and low immigration, yet the unemployment is sky high, and because of that poverty is really high. it doesn’t make sense.

I’ve never been able to have sky-high GDP without huge immigration, even when I try to tamp down immigration by every means available. I wonder how you pulled that off.

Does GDP really increase unemployment? I’ve always had minimal unemployment whenever my GDP in the game was sky-high. I haven’t figured out as many of the calculations as I would like.

I agree with you about the environment. High GDP could potentially improve the environment, since environmentalism is an nth-order industrial good. People want to live in a nice environment. As wealth increases and more pressing needs (food, shelter, basic leisure) are satisfied, wealth becomes turned towards improving the environment in which people live. The effect of GDP on the environment should really depend on the popularity of environmentalism itself, since that will determine when the environment is “pressing enough” to spend money on. If environmentalism is unpopular, private environmental protection will be minimal, whereas private environmental destruction will be unchallenged. Tourism should be a factor as well, since tourism depends heavily on the environment. Even urban tourism is responsive to such things. Nobody wants to vacation in a dirty, reeking heavy industrial town.

CO2, on the other hand… It’s supposed to be a thorny issue. Carbon is so ubiquitous. There are plenty of non-tracked variables which will shift with GDP that will produce carbon. For instance, electrical consumption. Wealthier countries will consume more electricity. The more electricity that is consumed, the more carbon that will be produced. There is room to deepen the modelling here.

Perhaps you should look at the modding section to try out mods and/or install a few overrides into the game?

The GDP increasing unemployment makes no sense at all. In a game that I’m currently playing, my GDP is pinned at 100%, and this is having a +20% increase on unemployment.

Also the maximum possible value for the GDP needs to be increased. In long games I’m able to pin the GDP at the top of the graph during global recession, then the global economy takes off and my economy…doesn’t improve because it’s already pinned.

I’m fine with both effects: Downgrading environment is obvious… more pollution, more cars, more smog,… Yes, an economy directed to green change can also have an increasing GDP-effect, but it’s good for gameplay, if there are downsides of higher GDP-levels.

And unemployment? I think the idea is, that a well running economy attracts immigration, which invreases population. But the population number itself is not simulated. So it’s a good alternative to decrease the level of workers. Does the same in a mathematical sense.

GDP is key and it is still to easy to increase it. If it would be as easy, there would be no problems in the world… Just go for education, technology and give grants (to the bad capitalists, who are hating any public interference, except they get money for free… sic)