Is there an upper limit to the maximum GDP of the country? If there is, is it possible to either enormously up it or to remove it entirely?

I seem to have raised the GDP to the maximum that I can see.

Well done :smiley:. But is this with the economic cycle at its low point?
For technical reasons the game can’t support the GDP going outside a certain range but if you need a challenge, I recommend going to the options and raising economic volatility and interest rates, and cynicism and difficulty :smiley:.

The same thing happens to me every time. Even when a market crash happens. Which is really rather strange but, hey. My GDP’s awesome!

Isn’t it possible just to increase the ceiling on GDP?

Not easily ;(. Is this a long term strategy regarding technological advantage maybe? how are you getting such high GDP, as it sounds like the game needs rebalancing to take into account these tactics…

I didn’t realise this was a problem; I regularly maxed out on GDP in the beta. It’s just obvious that there has to be an upper limit and having GDP soaring exponentially would be a little silly.

There has to be an upper limit but it probably should be higher so you can take into account everything that benefits it.

@Cliffski: I have everything that helps GDP. Nothing that detracts from it. Tourism boom. Technological advantage. High productivity. High foreign relations --> High international trade. All those grant things. 100% literacy. Low oil price from no motorists and no car usage (low oil price) and high oil supply… You get the idea. >.<

And yes, this is my long term strategy. The higher your GDP, the more money you get from taxes. And the higher your income, the higher your expenditure can be. And the other thing I usually do is sack the ministers who are sympathetic to smokers/motorists, and get rid of that voter group. Max tobacco tax and car tax. Everything that I can throw at mass transit.

Although that’s in the beta. I’ll need to wait another week to get the real version of the game. :frowning:

But the demo looks great. But I’m sad that you reduced the effect free eye tests have on poverty. But it was rather stupidly big, so I’m not really that surprised.

Its true that its difficult to code I’m sure but having GDP soar exponentially is a fact of life.

Just to check, is it total GDP or GDP per capita?

Perhaps there should be a diminishing factor each turn, to take account of factors like inflation, increasing GDP in other countries (your own GDP rising by 1% may mean little if every other country in the world has a GDP growth of 5%) and the growing expectations of your own people?

i probably need to rebalance some stuff. high GDP should cause an influx of immigration, which should have some negative effects beyond a certain level. In the real world you would have stuff like inflation and foreign exchange rates affecting international competitiveness. I thought about this during development, but it made the game way more complex. Something to consider adding though…

If it adds complexity, you could always make it optional, provided that controlling the extra level doesn’t become essential to the rest of the game. Personally, I think that would be great to try.

I fear he meant complex for him to code (and for he and mods to balance), which means he would need to code it regardless of whether or not players chose it as an option! :wink:

No coding is ok, its the game complexity that worries me :smiley:

You could always do it, make it optional, then run a poll of purchasers asking whether they used the optional stuff, or didn’t. Good way to get a feel for your userbase, I think, but maybe that’s just me. :slight_smile: