Gender inequality and such


The gender situation in the game is actually pretty problematic because it lacks a lot of depth. I will highlight some key problems.

  1. Gender equality (or inequality) have no effect on equality (stat) or egalitarian society (situation). How can a society can be “egalitarian” if half or more of the individuals are treated as inferior beings ?

  2. Gender equality is way too easy to max because it doesn’t take into account a variety of factor. For example the effect of religious mindset on women condition.

  3. Sexual violence are absent of the simulation. So in the game you can bring violent crimes down to zero by using methods that have no effect on rapes (death penalty, CCTV cameras and such).

To give an idea, there is around 70 000 rapes and tentative of rapes in France. This is even with the number of prisoners in france jail at any given time of the year. This is an important point. And i think that with #MeToo, it’s an actual subject.

  1. Some actual law in the game have no effects on gender inequality but should. For example : abortion law, sex work legalization, gender transition, one child policy, ban divorce…). And maybe gay marriage and criminalizing homosexuality should also have an impact.

  2. Gender equality (or inequality) have almost no effect on the game except your popularity with liberal. But gender inequality affects education, health, GDP, democracy, equality and other subjects.

I may have forgot some things, but i think this should give the game a more realistic and complex touch.


Gender equality could affect productivity, and everyone’s happiness - women are half of everyone group :stuck_out_tongue:

Game needs to simulate transient effects - short term stuff that disappears eventually.
Conditional events and blowback effects could emulate it.

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Yes, good point. it definitely sounds like there are some obvious effects that are simply missing. I’ll make a note

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I think violent crime covers assault, under which rape is classified, but I don’t know what all factors Cliff has taken into account in his simulation for crime.