General Challenge setup questions

I have two questions I’m hoping someone can answer for me.

First, is there a way to turn off “snap to grid” for ship placement? I find it annoying when a ship looks like it should fit on the back, front, top or bottom but doesn’t. (And equally frustrating when an opponent will use this to get in two lines of cruisers where I can only get in one on a 100,000 point but small map challenge.)

Second, Is there a way to specify or fine-tune exact numbers? Sliders are great, but I want to set up a challenge that has 300 pilot limit, not 299 or 302… but I’ve seen other people post with limits of 300 so I don’t know how they do it.


Still wondering about these things…

I’d check my manual to see if they’re there but every time I click the manual button the game crashes on me.

I’m afraid it’s bad news…

No. BTW the reason we have this is a consequence of the way that ship-stacking was patched out of the game - it was very disruptive to gameplay balance.

No. Cliff seems to adore those slider controls.

Other veterans are invited to speak up if they have some SOOPAR SEKRIT technique or hack they use as a partial detour around these limitations.

I appreciate your responses.

Somehow, some people are still able to manipulate this sort of thing. I recently downloaded a 100,000/1,000 battle on a small map and they somehow double-stacked frigates on top of all their fighters and cruisers so they had twice as many ship placements as me!

THAT is possible, there are two ways, one of them is when deploying the ships, sometimes and spontaneously i get a double/triple stacked hull, i dont know if that bug was solved in previous versions, but i can remember my super thight formations with multiple stacking…

The second way is editing an scenario and changing the coordinates of the position of the ship to have and entire fleet in the same point, as example you can download Zombies Mod and play the suvirval.

The first method you described sounds much more like a random bug than a reliable strategy. :wink:

The second method you described sounds quite unfair – at the very least, it’s unsportsmanlike – but I’ll agree that it is indeed possible. No wonder finebone was experiencing so much trouble!

Editing the text files is your best friend!

How other people post with the 300 limit is to click on the challenge button after setting your fleet in the Defend Caspian IV mission.