General Question about files

hI, I’m new to Kudos and really like it. I had originally downloaded the games from BigFishGames and had a lot of issues with it and then I found my way to the Postitech website and downloaded the full version. I love the additional pets and now the game runs great. Thanks Cliffski for remaining involved in the game. It really shows that you care about your customers.

I have a question about where the files downloaded to on my computer and can’t figure out how to get the avatar names to be gender specific. I noticed that I have two Kudos files; one in My Documents and one in My computer, C drive, Program files. When I downloaded the newest avatars, backgrounds and jobs they only downloaded to the my docs kudos file. I copied the files and pasted them so that each folder has the same files but noticed that they also have different folders associated with the files (MY DOCS = KUDOS =MODS = AVATARS, JOBS, PORTRAITS_F AND PORTRAITS_M and also a SAVEDGAMES folder); the kudos file in my computer/programs folders file has KUDOS = MODS = DATA = BITMAPS =ASSETS AND AVATARS = BACKGROUNDS AND FEMALE_PORTRAITS AND MALE_PORTRAITS AND SIMULATION AND SOUNDS = MUSIC AND A DEBUGDATA FILE.)

When I start a new game, all the avatars have the same name, male or female. :frowning: It’s not big deal but if it’s Jill they’re all Jill, I can randomise the name but it randomises the same name, so then everyone is Sarah or Gareth. I downloaded all the updates from within the game update and added the new avatars from the forum too. Does any of this make sense? I’m sure I messed something up by copying and pasting the files from one folder to the next… :blush: Thanks and thanks for a really fun and addictive game.

Hi, it’s normal for the avatars to be in two places. the normal ones are in program files, and modded and downloaded ones tend to be in the mydocuments area. This is for security reasons on windows XP.
The avatar names should be randomised, and when you hit the random button it will pick a name of the right gender as I recall, but it doesn’t automatically change the name when you pick another avatar. I did this because if people typed in the name they wanted, it would bug them if it changed when they then went to browse avatars.
Does that make sense?

Thanks and thats fine but is there a way to get the male avatars to have male names and the female avatars female names-??- it’s just strange seeing a guy named Jill (no offense to any Jills). also thanks for the link… :stuck_out_tongue:

you can change the names, you can type in any name you want, or pick a random one.