General suggestions


I just bought the game, and after a few hours I found some things that needs some polishing.

1.) Drang & Delete

  • I usually need to destroy larger parts of the facility in order to expand, or create a faster, more reliable line. But destroying overhead import lines by one clicking is pretty much annoying. It would be cool to have a drag-delete option.

2.) Wrong bodystyle (under the market menu on customer feedback)

  • It needs a bit of explanation because at first it does not straight forward. Is it a completely wrong bodstyle, or is it just needs a spoiler or different colour or aluminum body or what.

3.) Customer feedback menu (or polls, or marketing…)

  • It would be nice to have a customer feedback menu (not the universal/commo/rare/veryrare feedbacj) on what items they desire in a price category. And if you are at the beginning car sales happen very quickly and they just disappear from the marketing menu before you could read or realise what is needed

4.) Groups in the car setup part.

  • If you have a lot of different models with different items, it can get chaotic to oversee the models. It would be nice to have a group setting, similarily like in photoshop.

5.) Custom logo upload

  • As it is explained in the alpha video logos are pretty basic at the moment, but I think it would be better to give the opportunity to the players to have their custom logo.

6.) Events

  • For me in 5 hours it is possible to make a self sustaining factory where nothing happens. It would be nice to have random events like breakdowns,
    fire, or high customer uninterest in a certain bodyshape (or high customer interest in a certain bodyshape). Basically just some things that keep us occupied.

7.) Customer feedback menu (or polls, or marketing…)

  • It would be nice to have a customer feedback menu (not the universal/commo/rare/veryrare feedbacj) on what items they desire in a price category.

8.) Manufacturing costs

  • When you set the price for the car, under that it should list the manufacturing cost, it would give some idea to the player if they can lower the price (because there’s a large gap) or they need to raise it. Ofc it should inform the player it does not include running the factory (or factory costs),
    just the cost to create that model

9.) Immediate repay for loan

  • There’s that vicious cycle when you could repay your loan and stop loosing money, but you can’t so you end up loosing money. It could make things easier.

10.) Covered factory with UI

  • It is just annoying to take a screenshot with all those imports in the way even if I dont have anything clicked on.

11.) Stockpile ‘+’ button is annoying as hell

  • At stockpile, if you add any item under the ‘+’, but not the main one, you are not able to add the main category item until you remove all of the sub items.
  • Also you can import certain items that you did not even research yet.

12.) Being able to change conveyor directin with drag and pull

  • Sometimes I just one click to place a conveyor, but it might end up facing the wrong direction. It would be nice to just change the direction by a drag & pull, not by the old destroy and replace option.
  • Also this applies for conveyor and overhead import lines, you can place a new one over the old one and it removes you money.

13.) Seach option in the stocpile item selector

  • There so much items, and annoying to scroll through them. It would be nice just to type ‘mirror’ in and it would list all types of wing mirrors,
    heated wing mirrors, etc.

14.) Special colouring like race stripes etc.

  • Making a sports car withouth race colouring is bad.

15.) Hourly income/expense overview in the gui.

16.) Different types of engines (like 1.2l, 2.3l, etc.)

  • It should affect the vehicle’s perfomance in total, and fuel consumption as well.

17.) Vehicle inspection before export

  • I noticed and tried instead of the quality check the 3 sub checks.
  • It would be nice if they would give the player some feedback on the perfomance, torque, and fuel consompution.
  • And improving these could improve the customer satisfaction/sale in general
  • Perfomance items now dont have an effect on the vehicle’s perfomance (like alloy wheels, aluminium body etc.)

So I played like 5 hours, these are the minor things I’ve noticed.