Genius Perk Not Displaying correct ETAs?

Hello, it seems that I can’t get the “Genius” Perk working. As the title says, every time I choose that Perk for my Chief Executive Officer, the research time in the research panel always stays the same. I have provided screenshots as proof:

Choosing Barclay With No Perks

Research Panel 1

Research Panel 2

Which is IDENTICAL to Barclay with Genius Perk:

Barclay With Genius Perk:

Research Panel 1

Research Panel 2

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong here. All the researches with the Genius Perk seem to take exactly the same amount of time (months) as the ones without the Perk.
Please help!

Thank you in advance

EDIT: sorry, I was wrong about the Perk not working. It does work (I’ve tested it), but I think it does not display the correct values in required time in the Research Panel.

Starting researches from 1st January:

  • Analyser with Perk: unlocks 28th Jan; withOUT unlocks 1st Feb
  • Shaker, Mixer, Creamer, Adv. Const. Tech., Planning Permission, Desert Exp. with Perk: all unlock 18th Mar; withOUT unlock 2nd Apr
  • Sales Reps, Patents with Perk: unlock 12th Apr; withOUT unlock 2nd May

And so on. So, it actually works, but I would have expected some of the ETAs to change accordingly in the research panel (e. g. 3 months instead of 4), because right now it could be misleading (one would erroneously think there is no difference simply judging by the ETAs).

Sorry for the false alarm!

Hi Lateo, first off, sorry about the late reply. I’ve been away on holiday for a week!

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I haven’t gone into check, but I think you could be right about the ETAs prior to starting the project not taking into account the addition of the perk.

Will post back when I have investigated further.

Hello, don’t worry: thank you for your answer and for taking the time to investigate!