German localisation of Social Engineering

Dear Cliffski,

Just in case i wanted to contribute a german translation of the Social Engineering DLC, what would be the best way to do it and to integrate it in the existing game? I guess just overriding the original files is not clever, especially if steam is used.

Sorry for double post.

Okay, I have translated the DLC now and contributed it on transifex:
However, if I use the tool offered there to load the translation into the game, there is a problem with special German characters. I know this was a problem before, but I thought that these characters are now supported in the code? After all, the vanilla game has no problems with special characters in german language.

Does anyone have a hint?

Hi, that tool was specific to the base game, so it may have trouble changing files outside of the main folder. The base game now definitely supports the German character set.

Thanks for the clarification, cliffski. Are you interested in the translations so you can redistribute them along with the DLC?