German mod?

Hi, there will be a German mod for the game?

Are you talking about a mod that changes the German mission, or about translating the whole game into german language?

If translating, I just can tell you that this is a harsh work, cause you need to change all the files.
Also I currently don’t know how to replace politics. (In my try, If for example changing the policy ‘Narcotics’, the policy shows up twice in the game)

For me alone, translating the game is a too big project, but if some dedicated german modder would start the project, I would offer my help to
translate a few of the files.

sorry my english is not the best
I meant the game completely in German language

I actually started with such a project. I tested it regarding the modding tutorial on the website, but my changes aren’t visible. I made changes in the strings.ini (i changed the names of the main menu, so i can see my changes quickly), but they were not taken by the game.

I created a modconfig in the mods-folder an the folder in the Democracy 3-root with the subfolder data in it and there the strings.ini. No effect. Actually, these changes would have to be taken, right?

If you actually edit strings.ini it should definitely take effect, or you mean you created a new one somewhere? Currently the game is hard coded to read in the default one.

Ah, okay. So i can’t force the game to use the string.ini which is contained in a mod. But what is with the tutorial.csv? I also edited the file (e.g. “Welcome to Democracy3!” in “Willkommen in Democracy 3!”). My changes in this file should be taken by the game when I put it in an extra folder at the Democracy 3-Root and a configfile in the mods-folder reference to it?

Look, what I’m doing: [WIP] German Localization