German translation

Thank you for creating the best game I`ve ever played.
I want all my friends to share that experience but unfortunately their English is a bit rusty.
I am a student of English and want to offer a free translation. With the help of some other students from my translation-practice seminar the quantity of text should be no problem at all.
All I need is somebody I can turn to/an e-mail address for further correspondence.

the only problem with doing a German translation is that no additional characters outside the 26 English ones, and no accents will be drawn correctly. Also, in cases where the German text is longer, the interface will not always fit it on screen.
All of the games text is in the various text and csv files in the game, there is no hard coded text, so it can be translated quite easily, although it is a lot of work.

Hm, how to fix that? Is it neccessary to change the source code? I would think so.

yes the actual text rendering code, as well as all the font graphics would need changing. its not a simple matter unfortunately.

OKay. But bevor that a translation makes no sense IMO. There are lots of words in German using special charakters (“Umlaute”). So you have to replace them using either a,o,u or ae,oe,ue instead of ä,ö,ü if the source code is not changed. Both not really lucky solutions. So, to all German speakers who like this game as much as I do ant want to make a translation, wait untill “cliffski” changed the code.

Ah, yeah, and cliffski, if you change the code please insert the special characters from at least all major european languages (German, French, Spanish, Italian …)

i am also looking for a german translation. why dont you use ae, oe , ue for the umlaute. it would by great enough and its much easier then to change the code i guess.

No news on this? Looking at the current Democracy 2 download, it looks like nothing changed (e.g., data/bitmaps/fonts/ is ASCII only). Still, I’d like to start translating the game. cliffski, if you don’t object, I’ll set up a wiki and upload the relevant files. The wiki can be used for collaborative translation and some coordination. I propose to use Umlauts in the translation and just do a global search and replace on export. It’s easier to write then and helps in case D2 gets proper i18n ever :slight_smile: .

I’ve already got a translation underway, and it’s at about 80% done right now,

Ah. I already set up the translation wiki :slight_smile: . In case the translation needs some more help (or something like this is needed for other translations) let me know.