German Translation?

Hello Cliff,

somewhere in the forum I found a thread regarding a german translation of Democracy 3.
As a result the modder solution of a translation is in status “on hold”.
Do you have an idea, when your Democracy 3 german translation is ready?

Best Regards

New Info?

At this moment, no.

Hi there!
The translation is 95% done, I just need the final list of translated events and then I’m ready! I’m trying to make it as polished as possible, so there will be translated steam achievement names, and steam store page, and eventually hopefully a positech store page too.
I had to make a bunch of code changes to the game because German is MUCH longer than English and certain stuff had to be enlarged, or add scrollbars, or word-wrap whereas previously that was not required. I’m very excited about getting a decent German version of the game done and hope to be able to announce a release date for it very soon.
And naturally I’ll make sure anyone who wanted the German version but bought it direct from here in English can access a German copy.
I guess I should change the logo to read
Demokratie 3 :smiley:

This question is completely ungrateful, but will there be other language translations? I’d love a Spanish or French or Russian version of Dem3. If not, I understand that the huge workload isn’t worth appeasing a small group of people. Or potentially a large group. I have no idea what the video game market is like outside of the anglosphere.

I would love to get as many translations as possible done, but I’m sat here, grinding my teeth waiting for everything to be set up for me to actually launch the German version first, to check it doesn’t actually lose money :D. The basic game has 34,000 words in it, which means thousands of dollars to translate, and I need to check that people actually do buy the German language version first.
It also involves changing some graphics, like the Logo, the ‘next’ button and the background text on the main menu (which is images, not text).

Hello, i come from Germany and my english is not the best… Iam really happy to read that there will be a german version. When can i get this version and how much is it on Steam?
thx for all

@Cliff: do you have an idea when the german translation is ready?

it is ready —> … D=28990035

I have already payed for this software. Do I really have to pay again for a german translation ?

thats crazy

Yes that would be crazy. I think that must be a misstake, so please tell me howto update to the german version for free. I will anyway not buy any translations.
I guess Mysterie will do his own business here. As Positech I would ban such actions to prevent annoying his customers.

whats your Problem? my own business?? are you crazy??
I have only the German version of Positech linked and no more, what should I have for them? … just wanted to help @ jonimcfly

ich hab lediglich nenn Link von Positech rein gestellt wo man die deutsche Version her bekommt und mehr nicht, was soll ich davon denn haben…wollte nur helfen @jonimcfly

btw.: Link is from here —>

and here the newes Blog from Cliffski for the german STEAM Version!! ---->

Missunderstanding on my side, sorry @ Mysterie. Because the Thread title is “german translation?” I thought the link is for a translation. Sorry.
But can I get a german translation without paying again ? When I purchased the game I thought to have also german as language.

Hallo Mysterie. Entschuldige bitte meine Anschuldigung. Ich ging davon aus, dass in diesem Thread über die Übersetzung gesprochen wird und nicht über eine deutsche Version. Das war mein Fehler. Wie komme ich aber nun zur deutschen Übersetzung ohne zu bezahlen müssen ?

Hi, if you bought the version of the game direct and want a German copy, just email me at cliff AT positech dot co dot uk. I’m unsure how the process works with steam but as I understand it it is linked to the language your steam account is set to.

By default.

Go to your steam library, right click on democracy 3, go to properties(or preferences: I use steam in french) and click on the langage tab. There you can switch between english and german (the only two options so far).

I use that option quite a lot since almost no games allows you to choose the voice-over langage in-game.