Get Positech Games on STEAM petition

This petition might interest people here talking about STEAM and piracy:

I’d love to see your games on Steam, so you have my support. It’s just a shame that Valve don’t really bother listening to their customers these days and are snubbing a fair few number of developers as well.

Meh… I’m quite mixed. I was going to say first that steam is good and all, but on the other thought I don’t like steam because of their European discrimination that has been going for months now. They do have big userbase thou…

This might be a little off topic but I must say I have a lot of respect for you sir and the way you approach game development. Having a true dialogue with the fans and the people that pirate it is a step in the right direction, however it’s a step most aren’t willing to take.

I can’t say I’m a fan of Gratuitous Space Battles. I’m not suggesting it’s a bad game but it’s simply not my cup of tea. However after reading your response to Mark Rein and the way you approached piracy I went to Steam and just purchased your game (I have the confirmation e-mail / library entry to prove it :slight_smile: ). I’ve been a pirate all my life, mostly for financial reasons, but I know the meaning of supporting the developer. I’ve spent 50e many times on multiplatform titles shelled out by some big studios that only care about milking their audience even more so I had no problem spending 20E for a developer that puts his heart and soul into making a game, even if I might not play that game since its genre doesn’t really interest me.

I hope you’ll always have enough of an audience for the games you are making and that more developers will follow your example.