Getting no pilots in Campaign

Hello Positech Support.

At the moment i can not play the campaign anymore, because there are no pilots added to my pool and i start with 0 pilots. In the box where the number of pilots should be is something mentioned like “Campaign_Pilots 0” Also for exyample on Sulgobah beside the Academy there is a line:“Facility_Academy_Context2”. Whenever i hit the turn button i gain no pilots and there is something like:
“Campaign_Endturn_pilots 0 Campaign_Endturn Pilots”
“Campaign_Endturn_Rookies +0 Campaign_Endturn_Rookies”

All those stuff looks not normal. The letters are bigger than the buttons or fields they occur on.

Everything else looks quite normal. Do you know what can be wrong?

You haven’t mentioned what version of the game you purchased: Windows, or Mac. Nor mentioned what version of said OS you’re attempting to run the game within.

Ah yes. You are right. I run Windows 7 64bit ultimate. I have bought the game via Steam, and have bought alll DLC´s. I guess i bought the Campaign and the nomads DLC directly from Positech and the other DLC like the game itself on steam.
I am not sure which version i have. The readme in my steam gb directory has update-notices up to version 1.59. I guess its always updated with the patches, so it must be 1.59.

I am still waiting for some help and still cant play the campaign. Please Help!

I have not come across that problem before so i can only provide suggestions rather than solutions:

  • Since your using steam have Steam verify the install files, see if anything is out of order.
  • Check your debug files (mydocs\mygames\GSB\Debug). See if there is anything useful in there.
  • Start a new campaign. See if its the save game or the game itself

Thanks for your suggestions. I started already a new Campaign but that didn´t help. I will look after Steam an dcheck the debug. Thanks for your response.