Getting rid of the poor


What is going on when the Poor membership goes up and down, usually following a slow tread based on the low earning.
Poor Membership

P.S. Sorry about the dreadful repasentation, failed with the image.


and what is the definition of a poor person? the answer can depend from what persons you ask


The “Poor” membership in the game? The group who are made happy by state housing ect… I think the game simulates each voters earning and poor is below a level. In real life, it would be immpossible to get rid of the poor because somepeople would always think of themselves as poor.
Can someone tell me how to get a PrintScreen on here so I can show you properly…


Download Fraps and take a screenshot


Why can’t you just press the Prt Sc or Print screen button on your keyboard and then paste it into MS Paint or a similar program?


You know, I think that it was because I accidently modded something? If anyone else has had this, please tell me!