Gig "Crashing"

Hi all.
This game is awesome. I love it! Well, until it is time to gig. Then I get a problem.
When I select Do It for the gig, well, the gig does not happen. I just get the “Thank you, good night”, and the game crashes.
I receive a message saying Rock Legend has experienced an error and needs to close. Unfortunately, it does not say what the error is.
Any thoughts?
To help, here’s some of my specs:
Toshiba P15 laptop
P4 2.8GHz
1.5 G Ram
Nvidia 5100 video
Windows XP pro

Just bought the game last night from Positech.
Any help would be great!

Almost certainly video card related. Make sure you have the very latest drivers for your video card, and soundcard too. That is the most likely issue. You might also try running the game in a window as opposed to fullscreen, as this sometimes prevents driver bugs happening too.

Curses on Toshiba!!!
They have “blocked” any update to the video card! The only driver they allow is from 2003. No wonder the game didn’t work!
I’m using a “modded” driver, and the game works fine!
Thanks for the help!

Hi Cliffski,

I just downloaded Rock Legend last night (10/12/09), and I’m having the same problem the previous poster did. I’ve tried a lot of things to fix the issue. I tried changing the game properties you list on the support page, and I’ve tried updating my drivers.

Couple of issues:

  1. When I disable Full Screen in the options panel, the game automatically re-enables it when I enter the game.

  2. I don’t know which drivers I need.

I’m on a Compaq Presario R300
Windows XP Home Edition
Nvidia GeForce4 420 Go 32M

I went to the Nvidia site to update my drivers. I had it do a scan, which turned up a message that the manufacturer requires I download from their site. So, I went to the Compaq site and tried to download an Audio driver, but that didn’t work (got an error message). I went back to Nvidia and did a manual download, but once I downloaded and installed, I got a message from Nvidia that it couldn’t find any drivers that were compatible with my hardware.

My machine is about 5 years old.

Can you give me some advice on which drivers I need to download?

The game runs fine other than the gig crashing, which pretty much makes me unable to gain Live Experience and progress beyond a garage band. After it crashes, I can reload quickly and restart the auto-saved game, but I don’t retain the experience. I do however get some money and my band members are happier.

Anyway. I’m sure this is a driver issue, but I don’t know which drivers to download, as Nvidia and HP are making my life non-easy. :slight_smile:

As a side issue: Just want to let you know that Kudos, Kudos 2 and Rock Legend are incompatible with the Zone Alarm Security Suite. For all of these games, I have to shut down my security suite and go offline to play the games. Also, I have crashing issues with Kudos 1; however, it’s sporadic and doesn’t ruin the game for me. The Rock Legend issue basically makes the game unplayable.

On the upside, I’ve become a prolific songwriter because I’m afraid to play gigs. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I hope you can help me.


At the risk of sounding like a complete fool, I must reiterate that I need help. IF SOMEONE IN THE FORUM CAN HELP, that would be great.

I need some tech support for my Rock Legend download.

Basically, I think I need help with my audio and video drivers.

When it comes to technology, I am not a novice; however, I am not a complete technophile either. Explicit instructions would be helpful!



It sounds like you have a 32MB video card without dedicated memory (using main RAM), and those may not be up to running the game properly. It always helps to get the right drivers, but in the case of laptops, sometimes the latest ‘stock’ drivers do not work, and you have to get them from the website of the laptop manufacturer.

For the benefit of you readers, Cliffski, I’ll answer with my solution.

Cliff’s answer above was correct. Although I could have invested in upgrades for my old laptop, I decided to buy a new one a few weeks after I bought Rock Legend.

I squeezed every last drop out of my old laptop. It was like a coiled up tube of toothpaste.

Now, I did not buy a new laptop specifically for Rock Legend. However, as I am a freelancer, I cannot live without a computer. My old machine (5-years-old) happened to completely bite the dust a month after I bought the game, so I had to upgrade. All Positech games work seamlessly on my new gear. (Let me reiterate that the new gear is far from top of the line.)

If you’re having problems, you need to upgrade drivers, video/audio cards or your whole system.

If you’re on a system that is limping, it’s time to upgrade.