I know this is a really lazy (and noobish request), but could someone help me with ship/turret/texture design in GIMP? I’ve been failing epically whenever I’ve tried using it.

(I know, I know, stupid request)

I might, but I warn you that I am infamously unreliable and slow when it comes to fulfilling my promises others requests.

Wat do you call “failing” epically?? -.- wat do you mean with “help texturing”? even if some of the people of this forum use gimp, i think they never tried to design a ship from scratch in gimp (except for the multi-parts ships -.-). Maybe if u are more specific we can help u better.

What I mean is “splicing” parts of different ships together. I only have the demo (as my %$@#ing computer deleted GSB for the SECOND time), so I’ve been trying to work with federation ships.

Example: Taking the wings of a Raptor and putting them on an Imperial Fighter.

Well, i can tell u how i did that time ago, u just need to load the federation design on gimp, and with the free selection tool, u “cut” the part u like, u copy it and then u paste is AS A BRUSH. Be aware u need to be very accurate to cut the part u like, and it is not always easy. Once u have all the parts u want converted as brushes, u only need to create a new image (with the transparent background) and u just paint with the pencil with the brush u need. If u want that the part u are mixing in the image stay behind the front image, just change the type on the right colum to “behind”, and if u want that the brush stays in front of the image, just set it to “normal”. Now, where to paste the parts and how u make the improvements joining all of em, thats up to you. Sorry if some words are not the right ones, my gimp is not in english -.- this is the basic and the quick steps.

Im just new here so I think I can help you on how to create textures using Gimp. If you dont have Gimp yet you can get free copy here

PM me!