Give me feedback on this new effect tooltip graph

Shows a chart of how this effect works at every level, plus a marker showing the current position. Thoughts?


How does it look for a thing that’s affected multiple times like, say, employment for Automation Grants?

Horizontal and vertical axes could be labelled.
I think horizontal one is thing affecting, and vertical is thing affected.
So under horizontal axis it would say GDP in this case, and for vertical one it would be Capital Gains Tax (Income) in this case, this would be above graph.

Also you could add midpoint mark (0.5) on horizontal axis.


Minor visual thing: the red line looks fairly pixel-y somehow. Maybe some more anti-aliasing on that?

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As a math(s) person, I very much appreciate this. If this is what you are planning on doing to adress the complaints I’ve had about some cause-effect links being obtuse I have to say it’s a very creative solution, I was expecting just tweaking a couple of troublesome equations but this looks way cooler.

I don’t know how much it helps the average player though, some more labels (maybe having it say <- low gdp and high gdp -> below the x-axis is enough?) would also help.

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As an average player, at a glance I’m not sure I understand the graph. Then again, I’ve always done poorly in maths.

Good feedback. I can definitely label things, although I don’t want to clutter it to much, or make it too huge. I’ll try a labelled version tommorow and post the result here.

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Thanks for adding this! It’ll be very nice for figuring out, at a glimpse, exactly how an effect works.

For effects that are dependent on another value, it would be nice if there is some way to show how that value can effect the result.

As an example of how this could look, here’s a mockup of how Compulsory Work For The Unemployed’s effect on the Poor (-0.12*(x^Unemployment)) might appear, with the effect’s entire possible range shaded:


So this is the tooltip with a key on the bottom axis. We cant do rotated text yet, but will add the other axis eventually:

What I really need is a way to show those other dependent values. I think it might work to have some small bars added to the bottom showing the names and any multiplier effects.
Also note that a lot of the current effects are very simple and bland. We will tweak them to make them more interesting and accurate, so expect more curves :smiley:


Thoughts on the “other dependent values” problem: Have you considered a right-click menu? I think it might end up being necessary, just to allow for additional/larger graphs (with their own tooltips). Should help with accessibility too.

Right clicking on CO2 Emissions in this window

Brings up this window:

Based on what I’ve intuited about how the engine retrieves information for the UI (reading the neuron’s entry in the csv), I’m thinking this option solves the problem of the information being literally inaccessible to players with the least refactoring on your part. Though it doesn’t display the information in the same place as direct effects, it’s a lot better than nothing.

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I am beginning to think a right click menu is necessary too, otherwise we cannot display more than one thing at a time easily, where a right click menu allows for scrolling etc. I’d have to add a ‘right click for details’ to the tooltip so people knew there was more data available.
Not sure if ill ship an update with the current version in it first


Maybe you can generate on startup some purely nominal effect columns in memory? Based on the presence of the key in other key’s effect columns? If that worked, you could have the UI read those in addition to the real effect columns, so you could get the effects on the source’s page the way they are for everything else. Right clicking could take you to the same menu as right-clicking on the effect they’re a part of (e.g. right clicking on “CO2 emissions” on the car usage menu being the same as right clicking on “CO2 emissions from car usage” in the Electric Car Transition menu).

Don’t want to do your job for you ofc, this just reminds me of some problems I’ve encountered at work before.