[GLITCH-1.06] Clicking moves ships on the grid

There’s a router annoying glitch with the grid, namely when I place, say, a cruiser with two frigates next to it and then want to double-click select them (as they are of the same type) one of the clicks might move a frigate back, usually though it doesn’t move them more than 1 “slot” backwards. It’s quite annoying though in the long run, as you have to then manually fix your fleet.

Yep, I get this too.

Hehe, I haven’t actually noticed that thread, fortunately it’s gonna get fixed. :slight_smile:

Yes, double clicking to select all of a type just moves the unit under the mouse over one ‘square’, 80% of the time. Painful.

Still, I’m happy to see the grid system, it just needs a bit more work.

99% sure this is fixed, and will be the next patch

Yes it does appear to be fixed with the 1.07 patch - certainly is for me.

Update: after clearing my progress and starting the Scenarios again, I find the the snap to grid deployment behavior has returned…unfortunately