Global CO2 emissions reduced by carbon capture and storage and reforestation

When your country already has no CO2 emissions I think that implementing the carbon capture and storage policy and the reforestation policy should slightly reduce global CO2 emissions as this would also be the case in reality.


When I saw the Cyclones issue growing as a result of Global C02 Emissions, I thought that Carbon Capture would be the way of solving this problem, as well as the international nuclear treaty. To my surprise, neither had any impact on Global Emissions and as a result I was utterly powerless.

You can say that no one state is ever going to be able to influence the globe on climate change policy, and the results of foreign nations’ policies will effect us no matter what.

However I feel like we have seen diplomacy and use of force coming into play in real life to justify a change in this mindset. There should be options for international co-operation, green treaties that enforce limits of the economy and so forth.

And as for being powerless to stop the results of foreign nations’ climate policy/ natural disasters, that may be true for other issues, but things like Reforestation and Carbon Capture allow us to mitigate the results of specifically emissions. If we want to have problems like Water Pollution and Space Junk and so forth we can do that, but emissions is quite manageable.