Global Compass

New feature coming to the game. An option to see the average locations of all players on the political compass when they win elections in each country. Seems everyone is pretty liberal right now…


Liberal democracies :wink:

Some suggestions about compass distribution:

If you want fiscal conservatism, go full conservative.

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It seems like a lot of people are getting close to scraping that bottom line. I’d love to see an expansion that might let us drive beyond it, perhaps with the return of electronic direct democracy and home fabrication and the addition of the constitutional rights to welfare & ammenity, participatory civil service, land-grant stimulus and perhaps even subsidies for transhuman advancement.

Either that or a reconsideration of the balancing of where certain policies will draw you towards how strongly given some funding on that chart. 'Cause compared to other people I’ve heard, my views are really not that extreme. And yet I tend to be drawn to at the very least the very bottom edge but also somewhat towards the left edge. So I’m not convinced the placement of all those politicians is correct vs. where I’d land.

Not saying I’m a centrist and so the game should put me smack in the middle. Definitely not. But am I Extremely Ultra Liberal and sometimes Extremely Ultra Liberal Socialist? I don’t really think so…

It’s also interesting how the countries move, and I wonder how much that’s a reflection of the countries’ starting points vs. their unique modifiers subtly altering the rules they follow vs. certain players perhaps being more likely to even begin to play certain countries.

Ultimately they seem to lean relatively similarly to where they are irl, as far as relative position goes. All of them quite liberal, but the US a solid chunk further to the right and a solid bit more conservative.
Like, the absolute position on this chart is all wrong, but the relative positioning seems not inaccurate.


Don’t forget our aim is to reflect global politics. The politics of Uganda will be very different to the france/uk/germany/us consensus, as will the politics of turkey and kazhakstan. We have added a lot of countries to the game that would probably be described as ‘liberal democracies’ so I’m too concerned yet that the majority of the icons are in the bottom half right now.

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Then I’m still not sure that the politicians you depict on the compass are on the right spot though

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Yeah, I’m not more capitalist than Ayn Rand, and I’m not sure what makes Donald Trump- or his government- more conservative than Putin.

The placements seem kind of arbitrary to be totally honest. Why is Obama more conservative than Angela Merkel, but Germany starts way more liberal than either of them? Given that the US and Germany start out more liberal than either of them, does Obama want America to be more conservative, or does Merkel want to make Germany more conservative? Presumably it’s not thay their governments are what you’re representing- Merkel is still in charge in Germany and Ayn Rand never ran anything.

Along those lines, if you plan on having, for example, countries which execute people for sodomy on the same spectrum as the United States, it seems like there’s not a lot of room left for them to be more conservative than many American presidents.

Also, if you’re going for a global compass, it might be worth having people from more than three countries on it.

But we already have ton of disagreements with just people from those countries :smiley:

The global compass is great but definitely not working right. I suspect this is because of the lack of policies and balancing issues. I align center right on the political spectrum and as a diehard fiscal conservative yet the game paints me a maximum liberal…I AM NOT I SAY.

Awesome game though hahaha.

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Maybe you should just remove them altogether, then.

I’m fairly sure the figures and countries positions on the compass are delivered by the much lauded They’re not gods, but I think they’re about right.
I think it’s fine, there’s way bigger priorities.

As this game compounds complexity and models more and more policies, precision on the compass will improve.

We are modelling a bunch of western liberal democracies. More variety will come, although TBH the next two countries will be Spain and Italy, which likely sit in the same area. I am very tempted to consider adding south Korea afterwards, although I haven’t done much research on that country yet.

tbh I’d argue that, even if you have a bunch of remaining Must Have target nations, you ought to add a few more different ones relatively early, just to get a feel for the variety. But I guess by now it’s a bit late for that :slight_smile: (for the early part, to be clear)

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Is it too late to ask for medieval mongolia? I feel like that’d be a bit higher on the grid.

I have to admit, both me and Ginny (researcher) REALLY want to do South Korea, but I feel like because Spain and Italy outlines are already on that screen it would be cheeky not to do them first…


What about North Korea Clifford? :slight_smile:

As a man with a political science degree… ha ha no. The political compass is ridiculously bad. It does its job as an online socialist recruiting tool the same way the Nolan Chart worked as an online libertarian recruiting tool, I suppose, but that doesn’t give it any validity. The idea of having both a social and economic axis is good, but that shows up lots of places. And the way they classify politicians and political is flat out bonkers.

Because they’re based on a political compass made by angry American socialists who don’t understand their own country’s politics, much less the rest of the world.