global warming? then why is it colder?!?!?

i don know abaout how it is where you are, but here in sweden its has been the longest winter i can remember!

seriusly, its the end of february and its SNOWING!!!

my oppinion right now is: global warming, my a**!

could anyone explain?

GLOBAL warming. That means, the average mean temperature of the planet increases. Last time I checked Sweden was only a small part of the whole world, and every averaged value involves extreme values to some extent.
Also, global warming your ass? Are you saying that global warming isn’t happening? Well considering that every damn scientist with a say on the matter agrees to say that it’s happening, that sounds a bit delusional on your part.

Whether or not it’s man-made remains to be proved, but I can’t see the point of discussing it, as I doubt anyone here has the required knowledge (and certainly not 16 year-olds), let alone the long-term data needed to give any definite answer. This will only ignite another flame-war.

To answer your question, a simple google search on ‘global warming colder winters’ will probably teach you more than I can possibly do.

i did, and got some awnsers.

appearently it has something to do with cold winds from the poles.

nevertheless, im still prepearing myself for another ice age.

and after looking at some of the global warming maps, ive discovered that the south half of sweden is still in a blue colored zone. :smiley:

Thats actually pretty flaming and disrespectful yourself.
Why do most people assume that purely because one has not yet reached the age of 22, they are incapable of understanding complicated issues? Sure, the context was that nobody here has the knowledge or long term understanding, but saying “(and certainly not any 16 year olds)” shows that you still believe in an ancient stereotype that has proven time and time again to be completely untrue.
I am not saying that kids are Stephen Hawking or Einstein or any great mind you care to mention. I am saying that children can understand advanced material. Most kids I know do know about global warming/climate change. I saw a university level presentation on climate change. I am 13. I am currently reading “A brief history of time.” That is not the most advanced physics book out there, but many adults wouldn’t understand most or any of the concepts. I do.
At age 8ish I read “The Physics of star trek”. I didn’t understand it. I came back to it at 10ish and understood about half of it. It deals with relativity, transporters, many razy things in star trek.
I know a second grader who knows the molecule, atom, the hadrons, and the quarks. He can list all of the flavors of quarks. I have intelligent conversations with him about WWII. He knows about imaginary numbers in math. He is smarter than some 8th graders, and even adults, that I know. So please, don’t assume that someone is not intellignet enough to understand because they ‘aren’t old enough’. There is no such thing as ‘not old enough’ in knowledge.

thank you!

i didnt say anything because i didnt want to start a flame war ^^

but youre absolutely right!

i come from a pretty dumb family. im “the smart one”, as they say. i have grown up without much attention from my parents and i had to learn most of the basic stuff by myself, like “dont tuch the stove when mom is cooking” and “how to cut bread without cutting your fingers off” (cuz im the only left handed person in my family)

my parets were always busy with my big brother (he was a pretty agressive 5 year old) so the only thing i could do to learn was to analyse stuff and see what the oucome was. things like “my brother is throwing blocks at my sister, then she gets hurt and yells for mom. mom gets angry and yells at brother” what i quickly learned from that was: “if i want attention from mom, throw blocks at sister.”

i still use this learning method today. and social service have said that i have developed an ability to put stuff together and form results in my head, in a degree that usually requires university education to learn!

and ontop of that im a “fact-junkie” so if i find two facts, i can easely put them together and form a result. this was the case here.

i had two facts: “global warming” and “the longest winter i could remember”
in the way i think and learn, these two things didnt add up. after further research, i did find out…

You are right to some extent. Age isn’t a hard barrier, and some young people are brilliant. However, to say that the old stereotype is completely untrue is, in turn, completely untrue. Intelligence doesn’t come out of nowhere. It comes from rigor and method. It comes from study, and experience. Some people don’t need as much of it as others to achieve the same result, but the vast majority of people do need lots of it.
My choice of words was bad, I should have said “(and probably not any 16 year olds)”. My point still stands however, I don’t expect 16yos to be experts about climate change, and I don’t think you will ever be able to present proof that the vast majority of the population of young people knows more about it than they’re told by their parents or fox news.

or cnn :stuck_out_tongue:
I never said that they were experts, I said that the assumption that they are not is the untrue stereotype. And it is an untrue stereotype. Let me make an analogy: Someone from a race that has historically been in poverty needs to study hard and work hard to emerge from poverty. Most people of the race are in poverty. So by your reasoning, I could say that if I meet someone of that race, I could say “I wouldn’t expect many people to be able to afford this, especially you.” Your correction in your choice of words is a good one and makes sense, and I thank you for it. But using it one could still say “I wouldn’t expect many people to be able to afford this, and probably not you.” It is still offensive. The best statement would be “I wouldn’t expect many people to be able to afford this,” rather than assuming that because that person is something that he or she can’t control, they must be or probably are something.
Again, your correction of your choice of words is a good one, and I applaud you for it. The choice of words I think would have been best, though, is “…as I doubt anyone here has the long-term data needed to give any definite answer.”

Ponyus: You are a ‘cause and effect’ learner (I just made up that term right ow :P).

i think im gonna steal that term and use it to explain myself ^^

god blezz teh interwebz! (and apple aliens) ^^