Go Shopping


I played the yahoo demo version, but chose to buy and download the full version from here instead. And now I just cant seem to find the “go shopping” activity. Any help would be appreciated.

Update: Okay, for some reason, I found it twice, but sometimes it doesnt show up. Does it come and go or something?

you ony get time to visit the shops on a monday, and at the weekend.
If you are really tired, you wont have the option either, but thats rare.

Oh okay. Thanks :slight_smile:

When you can afford a Laptop, I seriously recommend it!

  1. You shop online for free. (Free except, of course, whatever you buy.)
  2. You shop any day of the week.
  3. The Internet sites do various things, such as raise IQ, raise Happiness, etc.

It’s expensive, and until you have a steady job to allow you to pay for the daily service, I wouldn’t try it, but it’s a great tool once you can afford it.

The laptop is great, but make very sure you can afford the daily cost.