GOG has no updated patched version?

I purchased my game through GOG.com.

How do I obtain the patch or the patched 1.7 version that has been released?

My account at GOG still shows the 1.6 release and no updates?


Me too.

GoG has the capacity to distribute patches so I assume the developer just hasn’t gotten around to submitting it yet (Looks like it’s a pretty frantic week for him, so give it time). When it comes through it should pop up with a notification in your GoG Downloader.

They got the patch yesterday, the minute after steam, so it should show up very soon.

Of thirty seconds ago still no update on GOG. I wont buy from GOG in the future if I have a choice of steam, GOG “etc”.
I’m wanting to play the patched version and I cant get to it.

please … if its not there by tomorrow a email to them may kick them in the pants. :wink:

This is what I just got from GOG support, they do NOT have the patched version. They said their version of 1.06 is the latest???
Their reply:

[b]Our version is already patched to the 1.06 version, you can even find the changelog in the game catalog, changelist.txt. The official site doesn’t mention any newer release so please give me a source if there is a higher version available somewhere.

GOG.com Support[/b]

Please contact them and get this sorted out. thanks

They are so slow. lol

From GOG today:

I apologise for not investigating this thoroughly, of course we did get 1.07 files. They are now being added to the build and then they will have to be tested because we cannot afford releasing untested files. So the patch will be available next week, when we are completely sure it works and is safe.

GOG.com Support