Good News (big big big ships)

I think I worked out the crash bug with modded ships over 256 size:

yay, when to expect a patch?
also is there a new limit?

Awesome! Can’t wait to test the new limits. :smiley:

Just one word…


Oh, yes, and thanks Cliff :smiley:

I forsee darkstar cranking the size on his Unity cruisers… :slight_smile:

Not sure when the next patch is. soon possibly. There isn’t any new limit that I know of. It was basically a crash bug in the ships hulks, assuming a size of 256 or less. Now it makes no such assumptions (but the ship will still only break into a finite number of pieces). I think most video cards prefer textures of 2048 square or smaller, but the in-game ship could be bigger, if you don’t mind some blurriness.

well my cruisers are 4096x4096 so thats not a problem. i could make them HUEG, but for performance i use smaller texes ingame atm…