Got bugs? Here's how to find your save files & game logs!


Thanks to all our fantastic beta testers for pre-ordering the game, and for helping us continually improve it on the way to release! For the sake of having an easy-to-point-at-guide on how to help us set phasers to kill on any remaining bugs and issues you may be experiencing, here’s what to do!

Your game data will all be stored under one folder. Here’s where you will find both your save files, and the game logs, containing useful information to help us track down what’s going wrong. Depending on your setup, this folder will either be:

...Program Files\Redshirt\Data\output_log.txt


C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\(x86)\Redshirt\Data\RedshirtData\output_log.txt

Once you’ve located this folder, find the file:


and also, your current save game folder. This will be an entire folder, beginning with a “.”, followed by with the first name of your character, plus a string of numbers. For example:


Zip up this folder, along with the output_log.txt file, and please either upload it to these forums, describing your issue in as much detail or possible, or email

Thank you!