Government information campaigns

I wonder if this idea would work?
Like policies, the game could also have government information campaigns. These would be like TV and billboard campaigns on public interest topics. Some could be a way to promote healthy lifestyles, to pay taxes (a sort of poor mans fraud dept), to encourage recycling etc…
They would work just like normal polciies but have a quicker response time in terms of being immediately switched on and off (because its quite easy to turn an ad campaign budget up, or cancel it).

I’m guessing liberals would tend to disklike such things, because it it government interfering in peoples lives. Possible ideas:

Healthy eating campaign (increases lifespan, reduces healthcare costs)
Tax reminder campaign (reduces tax evasion)
Car share promotion (reduces car use)
Recycling campaign (increases recycling, maybe gradually raises size of environmentalist group?)
Anti-racism campaign (reduces racial tensions)

Any other suggestions?

seems like a nice idea, but i’d make it all part of 1 policy otherwise it would take up to much space.

I think any future expansions or iterations of the game are going to need either a pseudo 3d-space thing or a system for toggling stuff on and off so we can fit more icons on that damned screen…

will there be a democracy 3?

also conservatives wouldnt like it, they would see that as a waste of governmental spending.

Good idea, but I assumed that that was already incorparated into the game in a way. Raising the smoking age made smokers unhappy, even when the smoking age is normally below the voting age. I thought this was because the policy symobolized the whole attide of your government against smoking.
Perhaps there could be a limit on the number of campaigns, which would mainly add a new layer of stratagy.

These are other examples

Crime prevention
Road safety
Child immusiation

Community grants are another way of doing this

Ah child immunisation is a good one I hadn’t thought of. I guess some campaigns could be used as a way of maximising the effectiveness of existing policies. For example. you can have all sorts of grants and funds as part of your welfare program, but they are more effective if public information campaigns encourage the take up of those grants.

Maybe child immunisation could help get rid of contaigoius disease in the rich countries.
Campaigns would seem to be too good to be true

Campaigns are very visible to the populace but often of dubious effectiveness. Their impact on voting groups would be out of proportion to their impact on the issues. Slivers of issue impact, chunks of voter impact.