Grand Challenge Quest I

We’re at 5 Grand Challenges already!

Legedi - Rebel Cruiser Fleet…
Yana - Balanced Cruiser Oriented Fleet
Ruski - Sir! Unknown fleet vectoring…
Supraluminal - Grand Challenge Quest Entry 1 - Delicious Ion Spam
Lokis222 - grand challenge quest missile test with engines fixed

—Round 3: Lokis222’s Relentless Missile Solution
Lokis222 wins round 2 with a slowly advancing missile platform with surprisinglty strong armor.

What combination can win both the missile platform, the frigate swarm and the balanced fleets?

—Round 2: Odin’s supraluminous wrath.
Supraluminal wins round 1 of the Grand Challenge Quest with an army of well constructed rebel Odin ion frigates.

Who’ll be able to defeat the original three plus the ion Supraluminal’s Odin’s wrath?

—Round 1: The beginning.
It shouldn’t be too hard to build a fleet that can win all fights with the exact same composition and deployment.

As explained in the the rules thread, the first to post such a fleet has to create a challenge with it and it will become the fourth grand challenge for the Grand Challenge Quest I.

May the gods be with you.

Well, I found a fleet that does the job. Unfortunately, it’s pretty lame and uninteresting - straightforward ion frigate spam. Nonetheless, it does reliably defeat all 3 challenges, so I guess we might as well see if anyone can come up with something more exciting that also handles ion frigates. :-p

I just posted a challenge for it. The name is ‘Grand Challenge Quest Entry 1 - Delicious Ion Spam’. Any takers? :smiley:

Edit: Forgot about including fleet details here. Well, it’s pretty simple - 20 Rebel Odin frigates with 2 ion cannons, 4 engine IIIs, 1 shield generator II, 2 standard crew modules, and 2 generators (1 each level I and II). All have the same orders - delete Attack Fighters, set Frigate and Cruisers both to 50% priority, 450 attack range. Assign Cooperative, Vulture, Keep Moving. 2 lines of 10 each, right in the front/center of the map, and you’re done.

Tested. It does beat all previous Grand Challenges and two of them with crushing superiority.

First page updated.

I’ve added to the rules, Supraluminal’s nice idea of giving the challenge an easy name.

Got all Four, but barely killed the fourth one. This is a variation of my missile test fleet. Called it Grand Challenge Missile Test. I be so original. :wink:

It has one dedicated anti-fighter frigate in the back. It has four frigate armor 3. Two shields 2. Three anti fighter missiles and a tractor beam. Crew module and a power core 2. No special rules and that was accidental. I meant to give it a high anti fighter priority. Too late now though. I have one group of fighters with rocket launcher and lvl 1 engine. Escort middle cruiser at 600 is the special order. 6 identical cruisers. 2 multiple war head missile launchers. 4 fast missile launchers. a target painter. 2 fast recharge and 2 reflective shields. 2 ultra heavy armor, two generators, and a crew module. special orders are vulture, retaliate, and cooperate. the fighter order was deleted. This fleet is immobile.

On an aesthetic note, I used the empire for my immobile fleet, so it at least looks like a group of space stations. This is how a mitigate my feelings of guilt on this matter. :wink:

Reread the rules and updated the name. It is now 'Grand Challenge Entry 2 Missile Test

We just got patched… are we going to continue as is or restart?

I just retested the fleet and I do a little worse against two of the first three and a quite a bit better against Supraluminal.

you’d fail totally against any no-engine fleet though.

no engines means there’s no movement to mess your formation up, more power/crew available for weapons, and if you’re first in there - no-one else can ever beat you with a similar fleet.

it’s nice to see a heavy missile fleet do well - i tried it a couple of times and wondered why i was’t doing very well against it… lack of engines salves my feelings of inadequacy somewhat :slight_smile:

I rebuilt is with engines. Had to drop the fighters. Slave the six cruisers to the freighter and slaved the other freighter to the same freighter. Other than that the only changes are the freighters are dedicated missile platforms, and 1 armor has been removed and repaced with an engine on each ship.

It killed all four challenges. I agree with the no engine complaint, and if I could, I would like to submit this one in its place.

I realized that my new fleet was broken. It wouldn’t move. Fixed that, but had to make some changes. It is called grand challenge quest missile test with engines fixed. It is pretty much the same but it is in formation with the freighter in the front. No fighters. Cruisers have no retaliate as well. Freighter has coop, retaliate and vulture.

Sorry for the delay. I’m in a short trip work trip to France.

Indeed I’ll have to add the requirement for all ships in the fleets to move, to avoid giving an advantage to the first posting of such a fleet.

I don’t know what was changed in the last version, so let’s continue unless someone finds a that one of the Grand Challenges uses a module that was nerfed, granting the closure of the current edition.

I think we should restart this.

There are a few changes I would suggest.

  1. Start with 1 fleet and go from there.

  2. Each fleet should HAVE to field a minimum of one of each class of ship + one.
    For example, one fighter class, one friegate class, one cruiser class, and something else.
    The reason for this is it avoids stacking fleets. See mine and Supraluminal. It should also create some more creative fleets.

  3. Minimum fleet movement speeds. Say .05 or some other arbitrary number.

I like this idea and I would like to try it again.

Also, if a person decides to make another fleet once having entered one fleet already, they should have to use another race. Once all four races are used, they can no longer enter a fleet.


I’ve got a small problem. I posted a fleet which beat the two fleets that are actually named “Grand Challenge”, and figured I’d complete the Grand Challenge Quest. Thus I posted a fleet titled “Grand Challenge 3”. But it can’t beat Legedi’s fleet. It also doesn’t have more any Frigates (although Lokis’ latest one doesn’t seem to have any fighters either). And apparently I can’t delete a fleet that challenges everybody.

So please disregard Evilmeat’s “Grand Challenge 3”.


There must be a rule that you title your challenges “Grand Challenge,” because I did the exact same except for beating the ones labled 1, 2, and 3. It’s a pain in the ass to go looking around the whole damned challenge list for randomly named challenges, when it’s possible to sort by name and thus localize them.