[Graphic Bug][Suggestion] Overhead Conveyor Graphic Sprite Overlay in wrong order



I guess this issue pokes me right in the O.C.D. :slight_smile:
the moving items not that much, but the stationary items are glaring.

should i put this as bug report??? i guess it is technically not a bug,
just a limitation of a simplistic architecture of drawing the overhead conveyors.
so i just put it as suggestions.

i guess there is no way to perfect this unless the overhead conveyor is separated between the blue parts and the red parts.

basically the red parts need to be drawn above the moving payloads.

anyway, this is not part of the option in the “developer priorities” options. i guess i’ll put it here for vote.

anyone agrees with me can just pile on in this thread ^_^.

also i notice that it is not possible to 100% use in house manufactured front arch and rear arch.
as the production ratio is 1 front arch to 1 rear arch but consumption is not 1 to 1.
resulting in the production line stock pile saturated with front arch and blocks further production of rear arch.
currently i unblock this by allowing imports of rear arch.
is this intentional by design???
is there any way to alleviate this? perhaps separate front and rear arch producing plants?

Thank you,