Graphics appreciation

I posted in the new “MOD” forum about the “colorTween”: entry in, but just wanted to note that, while investigating that
(it has something to do with the shade of the color coming out of machines, and maybe the in-process-machine colors too)
that the zoomed-in graphics for machines are incredible.

I’ve seen some before (like the multi-mixer), but admit I’m usually zoomed out just a bit and can’t see all the details (like - input ingredient colors changing shade during processing!!!) and just focused on gameplay.

I think Tim (dev) said his brother did the machine graphics. Whoever did it, they are fantastic. sorry didn’t notice before - my apologies.

I wholeheartedly agree. The graphics and animations are awesome. The changes in colour during machine processing was one of the first things I noticed when I first played, and I’m still very impressed at how the colours and appearance of all the drugs at the different stages of production are generated.

A* :slight_smile:

Agreed the graphics are pretty insane and are what I noticed first before anything else.

I saw this when it was originally posted but I just wanted to pop back and extend my thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate that you appreciate the graphics. :wink:

i like graphics. graphies and animations are grateful.i impressed from graphics. the graphics are pretty and nice.