Graphics are all garbled in the demo for me

I have a GeForce 7950 Gx2 with latest drivers on Windows 7.

After installing and running the demo, things funtion correctly but the graphics have all sorts of corrupted pixels to the point where you cant read important things or play the game at all really.

Anyone else experiencing this? Is there a patch for the demo?

can you post a screenshot? This sounds like a physically wobbly video card. If consistently certain graphics don’t show up, it could be driver or video card memory related. If you get random triangles flashing on and off or scattered about, that’s almost certainly a physically failing, or overheating, or slightly ‘not-set on the mobo right’ card.

As I suspected the screen shot looks fine. I would imagine that when capturing the shot a separate render target is used? It doesnt look like garbage triangles, it looks more like corrupted texture memory. Its not like a consistant pattern over the whole screen, each rendered element seems to have its own corrupted characteristic.

I have plenty of other games that run just fine so I dont think this is a faulty hardware issue.

Anything else that I can provide? Is there an email address I could send my dxdiag.txt to?

Its not like I am a disgruntled customer as I havent purchased it. But it sounded like a cool game so I am at least a potential customer. :wink:

you can email I presume the card is not overclocked, is running standard drivers etc?

What you said sounds like you are getting ARTIFACTS which are one form of visual errors caused by graphic cards not working correctly, for example overheating or having corrupt memory or damaged GPU.

Make sure your graphic card isn’t overheating and as Cliffski asked, is it overclocked? This game is really intensive on graphic cards because even my GTX 280 can barely reach the 58 fps even my whole computer can easily run UT3 on 100 fps and above.

No overclocking, I am never in need of that many fps to worry about stuff like that.

Standard drivers and I have also tried the latest beta drivers from Nvidia.

Ill send a dxdiag.txt and a picture taken from a camera so you can see what im talking about. (at work right now)

Huh… well now that I went to try and get a picture. Its not happening anymore. Maybe it was overheating afterall. Dunno.

If it happens again ill send the picture.