graphics problem

i tried the demo out first, worked great, had pictures and everything… so i bought it a couple of hours ago and wham the band members pictures sometimes go blank, meaning its just white, and the practice screen is white… i know it could possibly be my graphics card driver thingy, but i tried to update it but cant… i bought this laptop from publisher’s clearinghouse in april for $500, and come to find out from dell that they stopped making the latitude over a year ago and the latest driver update is from 2006, so updating driver is definately a no-go, and it looks like if i want to have a better video driver im gonna have to buy a whole new laptop…

so to make a very long story, aka rant, short… what do i do…
i bought democracy which works great but rock legend has the white picture issues… any advice

hi, the demo and full version should work identically regarding graphics. was the full version the direct one from here? It had some improvements which should reduce the number of video cards with this problem.
Do you know how much video memory your card has? its possible it just doesn’t have enough, but that should have been noticeable the same way with the demo.

hi, i ordered it off of here, let me try deleting a few files and stuff to see if it improves the game performance