Graphics question

So, why does this ship look so much better than what is in game, and more importantly will the ships look that good in the future via updates?

ingame they seem to be blurry, maybe GFX settings are wrong or something

There are some differences. Here’s the original.

Here’s my blue render.

Here’s my black render.

There are three major differences between the one you are impressed with and the original.

The black one has additional bump maps or geometry that’s been added.

The black one has an extra color added as a highlight.

The black one has changed the diffusion/spectacularity/luminosity of the engines so they have a much more glowing effect.

Now, the ones in game usually don’t look this great because you’re not zoomed in enough. This is a BIG image.

The main difference is that in-game ships look uniformed in color and “lighting” and this one looks far more realistic.

Your versions also don’t have that glow…of the entire hull, not just engines.

Then we’re in agreement. The extra bump maps and geometry give it a dirtier feel, which you perceive as more realistic.

Personally, they both look like 3D. The ‘realistic’ one just is a more typical 3D edgy style, a style you’re used to.