Gratuitous Crashing!

My game crashes from time to time, especially when it’s been running for a while (~20 minutes). The crashing almost always happens at the same places. 1) At the loading screen when I enter battle, the progress bar gets to about 8/9th, and then crash! 2) After the battle has progressed a bit, the speed will slow down and stutter, and then I get a a crash message and the game closes.

Anyone have these issues or have a fix? It’s not that big a deal, since it happens not too often, but still annoying.

Btw, I have Win 7 64.

Happens to me as well. I just ignore it because it is just as easy to start up again.


Same here!

Is this perhaps after multiple long, sped up battles, possible in survival mode?

It happens after any extended period of play on any challenges. It happens most often when starting up combat but can happen at any point. Sometimes graphical elements will turn into a block of white shortly before the crash. It’s as if GSB has an uptime limit and when it reaches it it crashes.

I guess that this may have something to do with the open files bug that has been previously mentioned. I.e. that GSB keeps files open for increased speed and when it hits a Windows limit on the number of open files it crashes.

Since GSB saves state so well, this is less of problem than it would otherwise be. If I spent considerable time doing a custom deployment for a challenge and started up combat and it crashed and lost the deployment I would be peeved. But what actually happens is that I just restart the game and the deployment is there so it’s not such a big deal.

The biggest problem is that sometimes it looks as if I lost to a challenge when I was actually winning and the game crashed. I had one challenge where I beat it and sent the retaliating fleet, but then the game crashed before I could exit and on the challenge list it shows one attempt and no victories.

This sounds like a memory bug, either with actual RAM or vidfeo card. No doubt GSB is causing it. When random graphical elements start going black it’s normally a sign that windows has run out of memory. This is why I mentioned survival battles, as there used to be a memory leak somewhere with that stuff, and I’m not 100% sure its been fixed.
You can always run the windows task manager when the game is running, and see how much RAM it uses, it shouldn’t constantly climb higher, once you’ve played a few battles it should plateau.

I dont get any graphical anomalies, just crashes. On other occasions, I get a loading screen where the image that usually appears is just a white block, but then the game continues to load just fine. I’m not sure if that’s relevant.

I have a bug similar to this, but much more… gratuitous. After spending a while playing the game, modded or not, things start to get a bit weird if the game doesn’t crash. usually it’s a RAM-related crash, but sometimes the loading screens are font lists, the ships are weapons charts in-battle, (in the deployment screen they are giant fighters or squares) and in survivals, gratuitously oversized (we’re talking screen-filling) ships warp in, slow down, then disappear. Sometimes, in the deployment screen, the background is missing (this first happened early in the beta, when I first unlocked the Alliance) and in-battle, sometimes it’s a changing weapons chart, explosion chart, and sometimes it’s just black with a giant version of the old cursor in the middle. Restarting the game fixes this.

I crash occasionally, almost always as I hit “enter battle” after it finishes loading. I usually just start it back up because it’s a pretty quick start.

if its a challenge game crashing at that point, it is almost certainly a corrupt challenge. If so, please report them so I can wipe them from the database. Version 1.47 will do last second checks to ensure those crashes don’t happen.