Gratuitous Hulk Help!

I am making a Battlestar Galactica ship but I have hit an issue…

I cannot make my custom Hulk texutre appear upon destruction, nor any running lights or engine glows… what do I have to do?

Did you check your spelling in the hull file? The entry referring to the texture must match the filename exactly, including capitalization.

Yes i fixed it… but now the explosion locations are offset from the model…

I used this program to find the locations for the explosions:

The coordinates for the explosions are listed under [targets] of course all targets have to be on the shiphull. If not they will be displayed somwhere in space. I will give you an example:

1 = 100.00,100.00,1,1,50.00,50.00,150.00,150.00,SHIP_EMMITER_LARGE,(damage_sprite_sparks-110.00-110.00),(damage_sprite_smoke-120.00-110.00)


As you can see you have to work with a picture of 256x256 pixel. But I think you know this because you sucessfully placed your turrets :wink:

You can see in the example that the first two coordinates determine the place where the enemy will shoot at. Most times the middle of the square. You can ignore the 1,1 following the first coordinates. The next four coordinates determine like you can see on the picture the corners of the square. Of course you have to do this for every single damaged place on your ship. I just made it that big to make it more viewable.
The little crosses mark the points where in my example would be the spark and smoke placed.

As for the hulks, there is one exception. The hulk coordinates refer to a picture of 512x512. The hulk coordinates have no middle, they only determine the corners of the square.

Oh I just read that you used a program for the explosions. There may be a problem then that you used a picture which was 512x512 pixels large. The coordinates listed under [targets] refer, as I mentioned before, to a picture of 256x256. So you may try to halve the coordinates you used in your hull.txt

yeah about those turrets…
can you make the turrets on the broadside of galactica lining the hull? would look better imho :stuck_out_tongue:

also the model texture seems a bit too bright, but i might be wrong… its atleast a year since i last saw the movie