Gratuitous Land Battles

Just placing an idea out there for Positech Games about maybe doing a Gratuitous Land Battles game. Would anyone be interested in that as I would. Could be a 2D/3D game with the same concept. Infantry taking over fighters roll, tanks taking over frigate roll and Mechs taking over the curiser roll. Splash in pretty graphics, destructible defenses and I think you would have another hit :slight_smile:

Re-live Hoth and other greats!!

Honestly i kinda think that Tower Defense games fill this niche. GLB would have to be something REALLY special…
although mix it with the campaign and you have something interesting (ie, kill the fleet in orbit then land your troop carriers… invade enemy space stations to capture them…)

Oh baby, that would be cool.

I’m thinking Epic scale battles would be better than each and every infantry squad. But to do this right you’d need a bunch of “Capture this…”, “Destroy that…”, “Protect the…” and “Hold this ground…” type missions in addition to the elimination game we play now.

Also we don’t have the cargo ships in this game big enough to haul all the equipment, but that could be added :).

That would probably be a nightmare to add to the code, though :confused:

I have a bunch of ideas that could make GLB very special and I think many fans probably would too :slight_smile: I do not imagine it anything like a tower defense game. Basically have a set amount of points and two armies clash together. There would have to be some adjustments to the commands or orders that are set for the ground troops.

I would love to see a space boarding aspect of the GSB game!

Honestly i think that’s how we’d end up seeing it.
Maybe for the campaign v3.2?

Well, you could allso put units up like this: fighters are small squads then, frigates slightly bigger ones and cruisers large ones, it doesn’t really matter what time of unit it is yet, it’s just a size standard.
So you could do with different squads, you could put a large squad of fighters in the battle by
spending a cruiser ammound of points on them spend a smaller ammound and you could choose between something like a frigate size squad etc.
What types of units aught to be in the game well, I think it should be race dependent.

I’d immagine they all have an equivalent of a tank/walkers and infantry unit/squad an artillery unit. a heavy weapons platform,
perhaps you could give em spy planes to scout out and give better aferages to the unit’s fighting in the range of those scout unit’s.
Anyways, then there’s anti air unit’s in the form of air to air and ground to air and then there should allso be air to ground…

Now to put that into form, we could pick either a uniform means of drawing units, or they’d have to make a unique unit style every time round…
Allso, squadrons would have to have different specs, per race, like the ships have…that’d be great.

How about bases/ cities/ defence installations? Think about it, would there be bases on the map, or behind it like: ‘loose this battle and this and this factory will be lost’/ loose hitpoints.

What would the Trade Federation unit’s look like? (very hardy?)
-blue? with the usual robust appearence?
What would the Rebels unit’s look like?
-gray, axe swinging units? infantry with axes?
-tanks that have a heavy metal like look?
What would the Alliance units look like?

  • I’d say walking tanks and with spikes all around,
  • lots of 8 legged infantry units.
    What would the Empire unit’s look like?
    -cyborg like, with lot’s of shields am I right?
    What would the Order unit’s look like?
  • heavy red shield pieces, nice red flags,
    What would the Tribe units look like?
  • tanks that look like snails, dragging themselves over the map,
    slow, like snails do?
  • infantry units that look like snails…
    What would the Nomad units look like?
    -Bigger tanks, bigger squads bigger everything?
    What would the pirates look like!?
    -spider like units? with lot’s of web shooting weapons?
    Black of colour?
    What’s your imtake ont this readers?

But perhaps I’m making it too difficult, perhaps there should just be a two sided version of space invaders! (in addition to a gratuitous land battles game?)

With pre deployed defence towers, fighter squadrons, fighter hangar bases, floating hangar platforms and satalites?

Ah, lets just leave this one to Clifsky

Hey I haven’t been on in a long time but I am super happy to see that Cliff is doing Gratuitous Tank Battles which is what was suggested with my Gratuitous Land Battles idea!! Can’t wait until it is done!