Gratuitous Mac Battles!

Follow up question - I want to buy the Nomads direct from Positech → will it work with my Mac version?

positech only sells PC copies, for anything mac you need redmarblegames or steam

Cool, just picked up the $5.99 pack on RMG…thank again for offering pricing choices for those on tighter budgets than my own, it shows real class, and has earned both my business and my respect.

Just wondering though, about the Steam vs. RMG thing for you - which one do you get a better deal from? I’d be more than happy to adjust my purchasing habits in a way that would benefit you guys.

Thanks again!

Buying direct or RMG is best :smiley:

I bought this game quite a while ago, and it was at V1.42.

Still is.

For some reason the updates don’t work.

Email us at support redmarblegames com and we’ll get it sorted out for you.

cliffski is there any chance of bringing GSB onto the iPad as you now have it on the Mac?

I got the email today about it and thought it was out for iPod/iPad as the link was for iTunes so please can we have it on iPad in HD?

The ipad doesn’t have enough RAM, sadly. GSB is a bit of a memory hog, especially with the really big battles. That is the only reason it hasn’t already been ported to the ipad.

Oh that’s a shame but thanks for the reply cliffski. :frowning:

It would of looked awesome on iPad as well.

Do not despair, we are working on it…

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Yet another excuse to get an iPad…

Oh yesss that would be awesome.

iPad would work perfectly with the existing GSB UI, also here as some sort of motivation: … i-xbox-ve/

I’d absolutley LOVE GSB on ipad!!!

I just bought GSB for the Mac. It’s a great game… I like that I can play for a few minutes or take my time with it for a few hours. I’ve been working on getting my friends to buy it so I can crush their hopes and dreams on the battlefield.

If this game came to the ipad, I think my head would explode from excitement.

Also, is there any chance that the Galactic Conquest mod will support multiplayer at some point in the future?

any updates on GSB for iPad?

I chased mark up a day or so ago. I want it done as much as you do :smiley:

Any news when the 1.56 update will be out for Mac users on Steam?

Question about the RedMarbleGames mac version updates (which I know aren’t the responsibility of Positech): I haven’t played in a month or two, and decided to boot GSB up again. It said an update was available, so I downloaded it and it attempted to install. When it was finished, it said that there was a problem installing it and told me to email RedMarbleGames with “error 2” and let them know what happened. However, my game says the current version is 1.56.0, which is the newest Mac version, correct? So… did it update or not? It said it didn’t, but it appears to have done so.

So, I have searched all over looking for this, but can’t find it. How does one start completely over? I downloaded the game from the app store, and have enjoyed it, but want to start over and apply things I have learned. How is this done on Lion?

The last update doesn’t update for my mac…

I can kill several unhappy or confused posts with one stone by offering the solution you really need – send an email with a detailed description of your problem to:

[size=150]^support^ %at% #redmarblegames# dot +com+[/size]

[obfuscated :P]