Gratuitous Mac Battles!


So Great to have parasites!!!

Thanks Cliff and folks at Red Marble for responding to the issue.

Merrily playing retals and making new designs:)


Chris (cia)


I originally bought Gratuitous space battles on the mac on the app store, I just want to know, can I get it for free on windows since I have already purchased it for the mac?


I wouldn’t think so because it is similar to say buying, oh…“Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” for Xbox360 and then wanting to buy it for PS3 after your Xbox gets the RROD.

Same game, different platform.

My guess would be no.


Maybe but if you go back to the start someone asked if he could get it free for mac if he had bought it for windows and was told yes.
I want to know if it would work the other way.

yup just email me at []( and I'll get around to doing it at the weekend.
Right.  I didn't read that.  So did you email Cliff?


Is it possible to serialize the mac demo with my PC code?