Gratuitous [one-armed] Space Battles

Hello all, I agree the title is odd, let me explain.

I’ve been following this forum in the background for a while now and enjoyed reading it, along with playing the great game that drives the community.

Cliffski gets good kudos for what he has created, and I’d like to offer mine from a slightly unusual perspective. You see, I’ve currently got my arm in a sling from an op to fix a bust collarbone and GSB has helping me stay sane while I navigate the word with half my normal compliment of hands. This is not because of the fact that GSB is an excellent game (which it is) but because it plays great with one hand!

So while the double digits demanding Starcraft 2, SupComm 2, SOaSE etc. have all been sat idle on my hard drive for the last 5 weeks I’ve been able to play and enjoy GSB business as usual, and this has helped the time until I’m fully armed again move by that little bit quicker.

So, Cliffski, thanks for this great [one-handed] game.

Even though both arms are working it is nice that I can play and drink my coffee too.